💰How to acquire $COOK

Guide on how to fund a SEI Wallet and Buy $COOK on DEX

  • Create a Wallet on CookBot. For more informations, please refer to First Time Users page.

  • Creating a DEX Wallet

  1. Get your Compass Wallet Here.

  2. Create a New Wallet or import it from your Secret Seed Phrase

  3. You have a New Wallet Address!

  • Bridging From Another Chain

  1. Decide on which bridge do you prefer

Change NOW, SimpleSwap, RocketX and StealthEX are a few good ones.

  1. Enter your SEI Payout Wallet Address and Refund address in case exchange fails, they will return your Funds. (Like during volatile price movements)

  1. Send Funds to the wallet provided by your bridge. (NOT THIS ADDRESS)

  2. Wait for your balance to appear in the wallet.

It usually take 5-10 mins to complete. It might take hours if there is a huge amount of people bridging at the same time so do remember to plan your play and bridge early. You don't wanna miss a play because your funds are stuck on a bridge.

Once your funds have arrived in your Compass Wallet, you can buy $Cook here at Astroport

Look for our ticker $COOK

Now we Cooking!

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